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About Us

An international video production company on your doorstep: Timecode Pro is a young, vibrant video production Agency with access to extensive networks in London and throughout the UK. Based in Northamptonshire, we have expanded from our locally sourced beginnings to establish a nationwide reputation as an innovative and flexible set of enthusiasts, all experts in their field, whose corporate aim is to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

We are able to service multiple clients to produce and array of high quality corporate video production, wedding videos, and even provide online tutorials on how to use video editing software. Click here to see our portfolio of brands and example of the work we have done for them. Having filmed in every county in England we are now working in Europe and on international projects in the USA, Australia, Africa and Asia.

At Timecode Pro we question everything we do: Being a small company inter-communication between departments has never been a problem. Whenever you contact us you may be confident that, from the outset, our whole team will be made aware of your requirements and fully focussed on bringing them to life on film. We have a personal approach which is sometimes lacking in larger companies with their set routines and established ways of dealing with things. We have not forgotten our roots and give equal priority and personal attention to anyone who contacts us, be they individuals seeking help on small-scale projects or larger companies with clear ideas of the campaign they want to run. You set the budget and we tell you what we can deliver.

On the technical side of things, we challenge ourselves to make every shoot a learning experience, and constant experimentation has enabled us to push the boundaries of what is visually possible. Given the expertise of our operatives and the state of the art equipment at their disposal we are confident we can respond imaginatively to any client brief and deliver a high quality outcome. We always give our clients the right to decide on the approach to be taken but, equally, we will always give our professional opinion which they are free to accept or reject. Most clients are happy to take our advice and have been generous in their praise of the campaigns we have run on their behalf.

Don't under estimate the power of video...

With the world's information currently doubling every two years, it is no wonder people experience an information overload when exploring the web. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, the internet has never been more accessible and with such a large volume of content published every day, people are inundated so by creating a visually compelling video, people are more likely to be engaged and explore your site further.

As humans, we are very visual creatures. Our ability to quickly process symbols, images and colours are far greater than text on a screen. By creating a video, you can make complex information easier to understand. With the constant hustle and bustle of modern life, people have short attention spans. Most people will decide to leave a website or continue browsing in the first 2-4 seconds of seeing the page. With very little time to convince people to stick around, an eye-catching video is a more effective way to literally catch peoples' eye.

Search Engine Optimisation

Video has become such an important part of SEO. It helps with adding value to your site, encourages sharable content and increases the time people spend on your page. Not only does video add creative content, it also gives a reason to add more keywords on your page. The title of the video is everything, but the content within the video speaks volumes!

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