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Sound design

06th February 2017

https://pbblogassets.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2015/03/Foley-Stage.jpg We believe you should pay equal attention to sound and video, but people often only focus on the visual aspect of a production. Try watching your favourite film, or just an action sequence with no sound. It completely looses its’ energy. No matter what project you’re working on, there is always room for some foley. […]


Website updates finally!

18th January 2017

In true “New Year new me” fashion, we’ve finally got round to updating our website. You may have noticed… It is by no means a complete overhaul, more a fresh lick of paint with new content. We have, for a long time, offered photography to our frequent clients, but until now never uttered about it […]


Happy New Year! How to start 2017?

03rd January 2017

Happy New Year! This time of the year has historically been a slow grinding start for us, with people dragging themselves into work and re-learning how to use a pen and paper… getting back into the swing of things can take time. So what should you do with the first week back at it? We […]


Mountain Filming Essentials

14th November 2016

Finding ourselves up a mountain, camera in hand and tripod on shoulder seems to occur on an annual basis, but remembering all the essentials for a snowy shoot doesn’t get any easier. Here’s our top 10 camera crew mountain essentials: – Lens / Sensor Blower – Gloves with removable fingers – Coffee, lot’s of coffee […]


It’s been a while…

06th November 2016

We have neglected to keep on top of our blog this year, which is a shame as a lot has been going on. Our client list keeps on growing, seeing us working with some amazing brands such as The North Face, Lucozade and heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua. Not to mention working with […]


We went for the Ronin

13th March 2015

After much deliberation, we decided to go for DJI’s Ronin. We came to this decision for a number of reasons, firstly, cost, we picked one up from videogear for an outstanding £1700.00 inc VAT! By chance they had an offer on over February. Secondly we own other DJI products and are always impressed with the level of […]


New Cool, third party free tutorial for After Effects!

29th January 2015

I Dread to think how many hours we have spent watching Andrew Kramer’s tutorials over the years, from Lightsabers to Demon Face warps, he offers it all. We still visit his site to keep an eye out for fresh ideas on vfx and to see what new products he has to offer, and was pleasantly […]


New Trailer uploaded!

29th January 2015

Another quick post here, but here is our trailer for a short film that features Sophie Radcliffe and her husband Charlie Radcliffe, cycling across the Alps and climbing each highest mountain for every country they pass through.   >> Watch << Enjoy!


New Year, New Gadgets…

12th January 2015

Happy 2015 all! With the start of a new year, we see new opportunities, challenges and of course new tech. One of our first likely purchases of 2015 will come in the form of a 3-axis stabilised handheld gimbal, but which one to go for? Here are the contenders:   Movi M10// £6,239.08 inc VAT (www.cvp.com) […]


“It’s an old model, but it checks out sir…”

23rd November 2014

A real quick blog post here; I was trudging through Facebook as you do and stumbled upon this little gem. There’s something to be said about old school effects that at times can look dated and obviously unreal, but if done with care and attention, can still conjure up feelings of fear, awe and contribute […]


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