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July 2014

How to translate Arabic – “Lost in translation”

Posted on the 28th July 2014


Timecode recently produced a short video for one of their clients that used Arabic text. We had the English version professionally translated and received a Word document with the Arabic text. So we did the obvious thing of copy/pasting the text from Word to After Effects, this seemed to work fine, until we noticed that […]


Peli Products Video, UK

Posted on the 03rd July 2014


Peli Products UK Blog   Filming for Peli was something we dreamt about in 2013, thinking, at the time people only used Peli cases for photography – how wrong we were! Fast-forward one year, it’s 11:00am and I get a knock at my door, my first Peli case had arrived. Excitement kicked in, the prospect […]


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