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Peli Products Video, UK

Peli Products UK Blog   Filming for Peli was something we dreamt about in 2013, thinking, at the time people only used Peli cases for photography – how wrong we were! Fast-forward one year, it’s 11:00am and I get a knock at my door, my first Peli case had arrived. Excitement kicked in, the prospect of an empty case was clearly too much for me to take! I was also very impressed with the speed with which they delivered my item. I had placed the order at 16:00pm the previous day and stressed to the sales person that “I would really appreciate it if I could get it tomorrow”. I felt obliged to email Peli and express my gratitude. This email would prove to be the first of many, eventually leading to a video produced by Timecode, which offers a 3 minute overview of Peli Products UK. timecodepro/videoproduction/london/unitedkingdon/timecodepro/timecode/miltonkeynes/northampton/bedford/photography   Timecode Pro now have several Peli cases that we use on a daily basis, without sounding like a sales person for Peli, we love them and would not use any other hard-case. As the video suggests, their reputation is undisputed and has carried them in and out of a recession-hit Britain, without a scratch. Putting customer support at the core of their working practice, it is little wonder that the Fire Service, Police Force, NHS and Military keep going back for more. After all, unconditional lifetime warranties are about as abundant as honest politicians! timecodepro/videoproduction/london/unitedkingdon/timecodepro/timecode/miltonkeynes/northampton/bedford/photography   We were given a product demonstration room to film in, a confident speaking representative and a Plethora of Peli branded products. Add in some shots of their warehouse and some shots of their workforce and Peli were presented with their overview video. We look forward to working with Peli again, the application of their products is far-reaching and lends itself to some really interesting scenarios, locations and potential viral adverts. Watch this space! timecodepro/videoproduction/london/unitedkingdon/timecodepro/timecode/miltonkeynes/northampton/bedford/photography   Video Coming Soon!

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