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We went for the Ronin

After much deliberation, we decided to go for DJI’s Ronin. We came to this decision for a number of reasons, firstly, cost, we picked one up from videogear for an outstanding £1700.00 inc VAT! By chance they had an offer on over February. Secondly we own other DJI products and are always impressed with the level of service and build quality. Another big selling point was when we had a go with one, it was easy to set up taking about 10 minutes including the camera and felt lovely to hold. We were told that the cradle supports a wide range of cameras from something as big as a Red Epic down to Sony’s A7s.




Within two weeks of owning the Ronin, we have taken it up the French Alps and around local skate parks to push its limits and needless to say, the results are amazing! Here is a link to a little edit we produced in one day for Alex DeCunha.



We will upload some more examples when we can, but if you’re thinking of buying a decent tri-axis stabiliser, look no further. We are more than happy with the Ronin.

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