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It’s been a while…


We have neglected to keep on top of our blog this year, which is a shame as a lot has been going on. Our client list keeps on growing, seeing us working with some amazing brands such as The North Face, Lucozade and heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua. Not to mention working with travel companies, Law institutes, health and fitness sector, the financial markets and biomedical research! Needless to say it’s been one hell of a year.


We treated ourselves to a New Van, although we have decided not to name it out of superstition (The sunken drone was known as Wally… see blog on drones and dams for full details). This allows us to throw all our gear into the back, travel in one vehicle and cary up to 6 crew. Yes we opted for the T5.


We continue to work collaboratively with some great London based agencies and grow our pool of talent locally, working along side a mix of animators, illustrators, web designers, 3d specialists and now VR! Our focus has most definitely shifted form ‘video with photography on the side’ to a full service creative visual solution, pushing our technical limits. One particular noteworthy example of boundary pushing was working with Stellar VR. One shot required us to merge a living room scene with a ‘match-moved’ VR world. The final result was amazing!

Our updated website should be going live sooner or later, eyes peeled! In closing, like most resolutions, we will try and be more proactive with our blog keeping you informed updated and invigorated.


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