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Mountain Filming Essentials

Finding ourselves up a mountain, camera in hand and tripod on shoulder seems to occur on an annual basis, but remembering all the essentials for a snowy shoot doesn’t get any easier. Here’s our top 10 camera crew mountain essentials:


- Lens / Sensor Blower

- Gloves with removable fingers

- Coffee, lot’s of coffee

- Big-ass coat

- Energy bars

- Multitool, we use Leatherman, preferably one with Allen key attachment

- Snow-boots

- Long range Walkie Talkie set (and appropriate call sign “Come in Golden Cock…”

- Spacious rucksack, we use the original Lowepro Pro Runner series, but some have converted to Fstoppers

- Eyepiece or large camera hood

One final tip, is to keep as many batteries as you can near your body for warmth. You can pack them in foam or polystyrene to keep the chill off, but if left long enough, the cold will seep in.

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