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Happy New Year! How to start 2017?

Happy New Year! This time of the year has historically been a slow grinding start for us, with people dragging themselves into work and re-learning how to use a pen and paper… getting back into the swing of things can take time. So what should you do with the first week back at it? We have decided to take some time developing how the business operates, from web strategy, equipment upgrades, software decisions, lead generation techniques etc. We find theses are the things we struggle to keep on top of because we are too busy with shoots, edits or winning new work. It’s only when you search yourself on Google and don’t see yourself on page one that you give yourself a kick up the backside. Or you do a particularly cool shoot with a celebrity and let it go to waste by not shouting about it across social media or our blog.


We have taken some inspiration from other companies of similar size to ours, assessed what they’re good at and considered how we can adopt these positive attributes. We also regularly look at new video content across Adobe Behance, Vimeo and various forums for inspiration and research. We follow (not in person) a selection of directors that regularly produce some beautiful work, using the same equipment we have at our disposal. And we do our best to keep up with technology. It moves so quickly, in the time it takes you to hit the ‘buy’ button for your new camera, something that supersedes it has been announced.

We have learnt the importance of keeping a watchful eye on developing technologies and digital trends, including VR, AR, apps and the consumption thereof. Predicting the future is impossible, but focusing your attentions toward likely prospects allows you to make an informed decision on your next investment, be it time or money.


In closing, good luck to all this year, we hope this year is better than the last and you all continue to do what you love!

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