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Woburn Safari Park Video, Bedfordshire

Having watched our Kenya Safari video on YouTube, Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire contacted us to see if we could produce a selection of similar promotional videos giving a flavour of life in their 50-acre animal enclosure. The videos would explore the keepers’ roles and responsibilities at Woburn and offer a picture of everyday life in the park, as seen by the public who come in their thousands from all over the country. We had two days to capture all the necessary footage and were supplied with our own personal 4×4 and given full run of the park.


As we started to film, it quickly became obvious that the staff at the park were incredibly passionate about what they were hoping to achieve. Each keeper had developed a close relationship to the animals in their charge: one keeper in particular had worked with the same rhino for more than twenty years, and the bond between the two was both obvious and affecting. The more we filmed, the more comfortable the keepers became when talking about the park: the love they had for the animals and their dedication to their welfare shone through everything they said.


What was really interesting was the effect the animals had on us. It was their park and we were there as their guests. When filming in the lion enclosure, it quickly became apparent who was in charge; their presence was overwhelming and we got a real sense of absolute power as they surrounded our Jeep to see what we could offer in the way of tribute. The giraffes, on the other hand, were gentle and serene, we felt privileged to be able to hand feed them, and capture their essential nobility on film.


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