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Primark Summer Campaign Video, Miami


I was asked to shoot alongside a photography team to film the summer campaign video for fashion retailer Primark in Miami, Florida. Miami is fast becoming a hot spot for film and photography because of its geographical diversity and beautiful climate so it was only a matter of time before Primark used it as a backdrop to showcase their new summer range. When people think of Miami, they picture the party lifestyle of South beach, sleek expensive cars cruising down ocean drive and sun-kissed women on roller skates. Well that’s exactly what I thought before we arrived but Miami has so much more to offer. It is a city so rich with culture and has influenced so many movements in art, music and fashion. It’s a city where everyone can find their passions.


The campaign was rightfully titled “Salute The Sun” and the concept for the video was following the journey of 5 friends on an instagram inspired road trip throughout Miami with the camera being the 6th member of the group. It was really interesting shooting with the same models for such a long period of time. Usually, our shoots last for just a few days so this was a great bonding opportunity and as the cast and crew got to know each other more, we worked much more efficiently with one another. We could gauge what the models were comfortable with, where their strengths and weaknesses were and as the shoot progressed, we knew how to get the best out of them, resulting in a much more natural feel to the final video.


Out of all the glamorous places we visited upon our journey, Wynwood was definitely one of the most fascinating locations I have ever shot. It is an industrial district with intricate graffiti and murals splashed all over the walls over a 10 block radius. You could spend a day there walking around and admiring every piece of art that is drawn on the walls. There were a lot of body shops and dogs behind fences but it’s amazing how graffiti can transform even the bleakest of places.




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Watch the Summer campaign video for Primark


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