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Alpine Coast to Coast

27th August 2014

  Nothing epitomises the phrase “standing on the shoulders of giants” quite like traversing the Swiss Alps. We’re not religious in the slightest, but you begin to realise why so many Myths and Legends are born out of the mountainous setting. And in fairness who can blame them, if mountains are good enough for Moses, […]


How to translate Arabic – “Lost in translation”

28th July 2014

Timecode recently produced a short video for one of their clients that used Arabic text. We had the English version professionally translated and received a Word document with the Arabic text. So we did the obvious thing of copy/pasting the text from Word to After Effects, this seemed to work fine, until we noticed that […]


Peli Products Video, UK

03rd July 2014

Peli Products UK Blog   Filming for Peli was something we dreamt about in 2013, thinking, at the time people only used Peli cases for photography – how wrong we were! Fast-forward one year, it’s 11:00am and I get a knock at my door, my first Peli case had arrived. Excitement kicked in, the prospect […]


Adidas Jessica Ennis Video

14th September 2013

Post coming soon


Woburn Safari Park Video, Bedfordshire

25th August 2013

Having watched our Kenya Safari video on YouTube, Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire contacted us to see if we could produce a selection of similar promotional videos giving a flavour of life in their 50-acre animal enclosure. The videos would explore the keepers’ roles and responsibilities at Woburn and offer a picture of everyday life […]


Adidas Thunder Run Video

30th July 2013

Post coming soon


Africa Exclusive Video, Kenya

29th June 2013

Three of us sitting on Kenya Airways Flight 105 en route to Nairobi with carefully selected camera equipment and clothing stuffed into various rucksacks now cluttering up the hold of the aircraft. How had it come to this? In mid April we had received a call from New Edge Media, who had been contacted by […]


Zoe Saldana Fashion Video, New York

28th April 2013

Post coming soon


Nampak Plastics – Linked In Profile Videos

23rd March 2013

  With Social media being the weapon of choice for many business’s advertising needs, it came as no surprise that Nampak Plastics wished to produce a set of ‘Profile Videos’ for their employee’s ‘Linkedin’ accounts. The aim of the project was to illustrate that Nampak Plastics are a forward-thinking company, willing to embrace modern marketing […]


Primark Summer Campaign Video, Miami

22nd February 2013

I was asked to shoot alongside a photography team to film the summer campaign video for fashion retailer Primark in Miami, Florida. Miami is fast becoming a hot spot for film and photography because of its geographical diversity and beautiful climate so it was only a matter of time before Primark used it as a […]


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